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Thursday 16th September 2021           
Paul Smith – House of Green – Producing & processing cannabis products for the wellness & medicinal markets

Guernsey’s legal cannabis market is set to earn £6 million by the end of the year and will grow exponentially thereafter.  This was one of the startling predictions made  by the House of Green’s Chief Exec Paul Smith in his talk to the Guernsey Society of Dowsers. He said they were currently working with seven partner growers in the island who, between them, have about ten acres of greenhouses. He said that besides creating another leg to Guernsey’s economy, they were reviving derelict vineries and restoring the traditional growing ethos of the island.  He said Guernsey currently had about 500 patients registered for medical cannabis and this figure was expected to rise to 1,000 by the end of this year.  Each had to pay £500 a month for their prescriptions and he hoped to be able to reduce this dramatically once the product was grown and processed by local companies. He said the industry had a great future in the medicinal and wellness fields. Evidence of this was how sales at Bailiwick Botanicals, their outlet in Town, had wildly exceeded all expectations.

Friday 30th July 2021        
Rick Ball from Alderney – History and update of Alderney sites

Saturday 31st July 2021    
Field trip with Rick Ball  – Ancient Megalithic Dowsing


Tim Osborne –  Ghost Hunting – 25th & 26th June 2021

A packed audience at the Cotils was so riveted by our speaker’s illustrated talk on Guernsey’s ghostly goings-on that they didn’t notice the evening had overrun its allocated time by half an hour!

Tim Osborne, an Aurigny pilot by day and a paranormal investigator by night, held us all in thrall with his videos of strange entities, orbs and a glass whizzing about a Ouija board spelling out messages.

A packed audience at the Cotils was so riveted by our speaker’s illustrated talk on Guernsey’s ghostly goings-on that they didn’t notice the evening had overrun its allocated time by half an hour!

Tim Osborne, an Aurigny pilot by day and a paranormal investigator by night, held us all in thrall with his videos of strange entities, orbs and a glass whizzing about a Ouija board spelling out messages.

The videos depicted happenings during meetings of his group, Paranormal Events Guernsey, which are held at the Mirus Battery in St Peters.  The two images here are from previous visits in which the groups Structured Light Sensor camera (SLS) captured  energy anomalies in the bunker. Tim told us the ‘stick figures’ sometimes appear and interact with the humans.

The day after his talk Tim took 15 of us on a tour of the ‘spirit hot-spots’ in the battery. As we brandished our rods and dangled our pendulums some of us felt cold spots and a ‘heaviness’ in the atmosphere of some rooms. But no-one saw the ghostly, 6ft 6in German soldier previously  witnessed by several  PEG members.


Perhaps next time.


Sabine Lovelight –  Sound Healing – 16th July 2020

For 50 minutes those of us gathered at Queux Plant Centre  wallowed in a ‘sound bath’ – a sublimely hypnotic experience created by the skills of healing practitioner Sabine Lovelight.  Using a variety of gongs and Himalayan singing bowls, Sabine sent gentle waves of sound over us.  As the reverberations ebbed and flowed we collectively broadcast healing vibrations to a world devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.  ‘It was a wonderful  experience,’  said one member.’ Another commented that it was almost like an orchestra giving our thoughts wings.


Sabine Lovelight –  Gong demonstration – 5th March 2020

‘This has been the best dowsing evening ever,’ said one member after a talk and demonstration on Gongs by Sabine Lovelight. Sabine told us the theory of how vibrations from the gongs change our brainwaves and have healing power. During her demonstration we found the mystical sound, washing over us all like a warm bath, increased our auras by up to four times! Afifah stood between the instruments as they were being played and said the vibrations made her feel ‘wonderful.’ At the end of the evening some found the energy levels of the room had risen to 100 per cent. Sabine, thank you for opening up a new world for us all.

Sophie Knight’s talk on the Hypnotism – 13th February 2020

Hypnosis is a way of focusing the mind and achieving objectives.  It does not hand over your will to a Svengali who will make you dance naked on a table top or cluck like a chicken.  These  myths were dispelled by our guest speaker, hypnotherapist Sophie Knight, who explained that mesmerism has been in use for thousands of years and, before the invention of anaesthetics, was used to eliminate the pain of surgical and dental procedures. 

She told us how she used hypnotism today in life coaching and sports performance.  ‘Any behavioural change in the client is because the client wants it, deep down,’ said Sophie. ‘Anything you wouldn’t do in ordinary life you wouldn’t do under hypnosis.’  She took her enthralled audience through the stages of a typical session and then, with the help of Tony measuring Afifah’s aura,  demonstrated that suggestion is so powerful that it can change the body’s energies from negative to positive, and vice versa, within seconds.

Phillip De Jersey’s talk on the Alderney Archaeological dig – January 2020

Alderney could contain the largest unbuilt-upon Roman settlement in Europe, according to our speaker, States Archaeologist Phillip de Jersey. In a fascinating illustrated talk he walked us through his team’s excavations opposite the Roman Fort called the Nunnery. These took place in 2018 and 2019 led by the now-retired Dr Jason Monaghan. ‘We are planning to continue on the site this year,’ Phillip revealed. He explained that it all began when workmen for Alderney Electricity, using a digger, unearthed Iron Age graves. When Archaeologists started excavating the site they found, not only pre-historic skeletons, but also  numerous Roman walls. ‘We have evidence of a thriving Roman community,’ Phillip told us. ‘We have an area of 40,000 square metres  to examine. This could be a significant site of major importance.’

Photos courtesy of David Nash


Using essential oils- what we should all know” by Mary Mc Dermott.7th November 2019

Lots of us already use essential oils- in our bath or on our skin, in cleaning products, and in burners or diffusers. But how do we choose what is best?
And how do we avoid causing harm through lack of knowledge? And where do we start?

Mary gave an overview of essential oils and carrier oils, which in themselves have benefits, and how to use them, including some of the contraindications and safety aspects.
She advised us about what strengths to use, generally maximum 2.5% on body and up to 1% on face, less strong in specific circumstances, and how to easily calculate amounts when making up our own oils, and what do do if we have a reaction or irritation from an oil or get some in our eyes.

She gave us ideas about choosing carrier and essential oils for our personal needs and making up mixes- aiming to have a maximum of 3 oils and taking into account all the symptoms and problems we wish to tackle and combining base, middle and top note oils.

I certainly feel a lot better informed and have learnt some really essential stuff.

10th October 2019 – Talk by Nataliya Zalyesova.

The shining of light and colour onto a damaged or diseased body can effect a cure, in some cases faster and better than conventional medicine. This was just one interesting fact in a fascinating talk by colour therapist Nataliya Zalyesova, who works at Guernsey’s Natural Health Clinic in St Martins.
She told her audience that it was an increasingly-popular modality in this age of surgical intervention and widely-prescribed drugs. ‘It is the medicine of the future,’ she said. Nataliya gave a brief demonstration using her own light-emitting pen. She explained that colour therapy is used to balance an individual’s energies, whether it is an emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental problem. From a more scientific point of view colour therapy is used to stimulate the body’s healing processes and can treat the A-Z of ailments – from Acne to Verrucas. She gave as an example of badly-burned patient left with scars after conventional treatment that were almost eliminated by shining the appropriate electromagnetic frequency on it.


26th September 2019 –  Talk by Guernsey Healing and Spiritual Centre.

What a wonderful Thursday evening we had with Monica Atkinson, Pauline Telford, Sean Harvey and Julie Snell from the Guernsey Healing and Spiritual Centre. Monica provided an interesting introduction on how the centre was formed, Pauline told us what activities were available at the centre. Sean then offered an insight into his beliefs and history which led to his work with trance mediumship. We then were introduced to Julie who gave us a super demonstration of platform mediumship, which was followed by a break.

After refreshments we were privileged to watch Sean give an excellent demonstration of trance mediumship where he channelled his spirit team, providing a profound and thought provoking message. It is with great thanks to Monica, Pauline, Sean and Julie for a wonderful evening of spirit. Thank you.

A metal detector confirms our finds

When chairman Nigel took 10 of us to a secret location in the Forest little did we know we were in for one of the best field trips ever! Joining us on site (which has to remain secret) was Guernsey metal detectorist and founder of Guernsey Heritage Keepers, Shane Le Page. Shane told us the field was a likely repository of artefacts from a variety of eras, including Roman, Iron Age, Victorian and the German Occupation.  He also asked if we could locate an ancient track  which, he felt, must have been used by earlier populations. So, armed with marker flags of different colours we set about dowsing with L-rods and pendulums asking for buried evidence of previous human activity.  After about an hour there were 20 flags planted amid the stubble. Usually on our archaeological trips we can’t get immediate validation of our results. But this time Shane fired up his detector, complete with GPS, and checked our findings. With our hearts pounding we trailed after him awaiting his verdict. Wow! Of the 20 spots individuals among us had marked Shane reckoned 18 of them had something buried beneath the surface! What an exciting confirmation of our dowsing skills. When he has the time Shane will return with his shovel and uncover the truth. Watch this space.

Note: because of the need for confidentiality, we could not show a picture of the actual field we dowsed. But it was very similar to this one (but without the cows!)


What a wonderful island Alderney is! When 10 of us ‘invaded’ our sister isle for a day in July, we were captivated by the beauty of our surroundings and the warmth of our welcome from everyone we met. We were there to fulfill a long-held ambition to dowse the Iron Age and Roman remains which are in the process of being excavated by Archaeologist Philip De Jersey and his team.

So, with Philip’s kind permission we wielded our dowsing rods and pendulums to see what we could find in advance of their latest dig, due to take place in August.

Did we succeed? Well, we think so. Our team located what we felt were Roman walls and pottery as well as older (and deeper) Iron Age relics. Of course our success, or otherwise, will be proven when the physical dig happens. But we believe there is stuff to be found under the fields opposite the Nunnery and the far edge of the golf course.

And, talking of the Nunnery – what a magnificent example of Roman architecture that is. Surely it must be the jewel in the crown for historians interested in that period of history? Where else in Europe is there such a fine example of a small Roman fort? And, apparently, it still conceals an archaeological treasure trove within its curtilage.

The inner accommodation block served us dowsers well as a base where we could cool off and compare notes over a cup of something refreshing. And, boy, did we need it. Is the weather in Alderney always so magnificent? The sun beamed down on us from a clear sky as we sweated in the fields trying to focus our minds on what lay under our feet from thousands of years ago. When we had the opportunity, during our occasional breaks, to lift our eyes we’d be treated to a breathtaking view of the coastline, the curve of the bay and the Caribbean-like sea.

But, back to the business at hand. We received useful background information from our driver and host John Horton from Alderney Bird Observatory. He gave us a quick rundown of the Nunnery’s history before explaining that the scratches on his arm were not from a battle with a gorse bush but rather a tussle with some gannets he’d been ringing. However, our main collaborator for the day was Rick Ball who, as a fellow dowser, wielded his impressive-looking L-rods to confirm, or not, our ‘finds.’ And the generosity of Alderney just kept on giving – this time in the shape of island resident, and former British Society of Dowsers accredited water dowser Aaron Bray, who gave us some demonstrations and tuition.

Our most enjoyable stay was punctuated by regular visits by The Alderney Press’s David Nash, who kindly photographed our progress during the day, diligently marking on the prints the locations of our ‘discoveries.’ Rick has promised to compare the results with the outcome of the dig to help us validate our findings.

So, all in all, an action-packed day, in delightful surroundings with the friendliest of natives. As we thanked Richard Keen, skipper of our charter ferry, we all agreed we wanted to return to this ‘treasure island’ with our only ‘mission’ to relax and enjoy the plentiful delights on offer. So ‘A La Perchoine’ Alderney, we will be back!

Pictures show the team (Rick Ball far right), marking out the Roman walls and homeward bound.

Photos courtesy of The Alderney Press

Talk by Geraldine Silk 6th June 2019

We had two for the price of one when Geraldine Silk kindly filled in for a speaker who couldn’t make it. And the evening turned out to be really fascinating. Judging by the chatter afterwards, Geraldine’s talk on the secret life of bees gave the audience a real buzz. Did you know that there are no longer any honey bees in the wild? The ones you might see in your garden would probably belong to a nearby beekeeper. And they love bottlebrush – and teasel for water supplies. They are such intelligent creatures – working as a team to ensure the hive thrives. And then Geraldine turned on a sixpence to tell us of her experiences photographing orbs. Our holiday snaps will never be the same – splashing alongside us on a sunny beach might well be an angel! Or at least an intelligent entity sharing our space. Geraldine’s ancient Guernsey cottage is full of them – and your home probably is, too. Try taking a few pictures and then look out for tiny orbs floating in front of you somewhere. They are all around us apparently.

Life Balancing and Body Mapping 23rd May 2019
A very interesting evening led by Sue Taylor

The first part of the evening was an exercise on life balancing where we learnt how simple changes to our routine can improve our quality of life. Working in pairs we dowsed to find our life balance as a percentage. Most of us found this had risen after the exercise . Everyone’s needs are different and the first task was to find our priority area that needed balancing be it work, play, rest, sleep, exercise, nutrition, mental stimulation, breathing or geobiology.
Once this had been established we dowsed to see what we could specifically do to balance our priority area. We found this can be easily incorporated into our everyday lives,as simple as spending a bit more fun time on the beach or by just eating an egg at breakfast for a few weeks.

After the break we undertook a body mapping exercise. This put our art skills to test by drawing an outline sketch of our body. It didn’t matter too much about the quality of this, thank goodness! There were 5 areas to concentrate on – feet, legs, heart, hands and head. Each related to a specific question for example the legs question was what do I like doing? With our body sketched we were led by Sue in a quiet meditation to help us note down, either written or drawn, for each body area the first things that came into our head. A drawing of a flower would represent a love of gardening. Once all 5 areas had been completed we were then able to discuss our body map with our partner to show that by communicating our feelings, thoughts and ideas we can connect and help each other and our understanding of ourselves. We found these discussions helped add extra meaning to our body map.

A really hands on evening.    Thank you Sue.
Best wishes
Ian and Yvonne

Master Dowser and Author

Wow – what a great weekend. Adrian, always a welcome visitor to Guernsey, has been in the Island for the last few days.

The weekend started with a Talk to a packed room at Les Cotils on Friday on “Spirit and Earth”. The talk included healing with Sacred Symbols, an explanation of Holy Sites, Psychic Protection & attracting Energetic Patterns to Modern Sites.

Saturday morning saw Dowsing Members taking part in a Healing Workshop before visiting La Varde passage grave at L’Ancresse for some more healing.

On Sunday, Adrian gave an exciting one-day workshop on the Secrets of Healing your Home. We learned how to clear homes from any negative energies caused by Place Memories, Water Veins/Underground Streams, Human Conflict/Emotional Energies, Ghosts as well as disconnecting Psychic Cords, curing Fractured Souls and much more.

For more information of Adrian (Dowsing Spirits) see the following link –

Next Meeting – 7th March 2019

This is notification that the Guernsey Society of Dowsers’ AGM will be held on Thursday 7th March 2019 at 6.30 p.m. at Castel Douzaine Room (estimated time of AGM 10-15 minutes). A copy of the Notice is attached.

We are always happy to welcome new members on the Steering Committee and if you can spare a couple of hours a month and wish to be involved in making some of the decisions and assisting then please let me know.

Please note that you will not be able to attend the AGM if you have not renewed your annual membership as the AGM is members only.

After the AGM there will be a “Speed Dowsing Evening” starting at 7.00 p.m. and further details for this will be sent out closer to the date.

2019.03 AGM AGENDA  

2019 Membership Form

Meeting – 21st  February 2019

Tony Talmage   –   How to Measure Subtle Energies Using the Bovis Biometer.    Thursday 21st February 2019
Castel Douzaine,  7.00 – 8.00 p.m.    Followed by tea, coffee & biscuits.   Closing at 9.00 p.m.
Tony Talmage (Guernsey Society of Dowers President) will be demonstrating the Bovis Biometer – a tool that measures the life force energy level of any substance including food, medicine, living beings, objects or geographic places. Levels below 6500 are considered harmful while those over 6500 are health enhancing.

Be sure to bring your dowsing rods and pendulums with you as there will be a chance to try out your very own biometer scale !

Entrance is open to all and free for members and donations will be welcome from non-members

Meeting – 15th February 2019

Ariana Heartsong – Talk on the Healing and Transformational benefits of Soundbaths.   Friday 15th February 2019
Castel Douzaine, 7.00 – 8.00 p.m.   Followed by tea, coffee & biscuits.    Closing at 9.00 p.m.

Ariana is an international Lightworker and whilst currently based in Glastonbury and previously in Australia, she also visits Guernsey regularly. Ariana works with the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters to channel divine voice and visionary art which she sometimes enhances with the healing property of singing bowls.

Ariana will tell us a little of her spiritual journey and explain how she connects with spirit through both her art and vocals (singing and speaking in different Light Languages including those from the ancestral, off world and angelic realms).

Ariana has also kindly agreed to lead us through a taster 10 minute Soundbath.

“A Soundbath experience will vary from person to person. Some people experience deep relaxation and emotional healing whilst others feel a deep connection to spirit.”

Entrance is open to all and free for members and donations will be welcome from non-members

Dr Jason Monaghan talk on Alderney Excavations 17th January 2019

Thanks to Dr Jason Monaghan for last night’s well attended follow-up talk on the Alderney Excavations at the Nunnery in 2018.
We were treated to a glimpse into the past in both Roman and Iron Age times and given an insight into what life might have been like in past times with images of discovered skeletal remains, jewellery, coins and jars.


Happy New Year
to all our dowsing friends and supporter

2018 was another year full of great dowsing events with speakers and events on subjects ranging from

Talks and Practicals and Workshops on :

Alderney Excavations
The Power of Meditation
Accessing and Applying Universal Principles
The Importance of Sleep and Dreams
Summer Solstice Celebration
The Pineal Gland, Our Psychic Chakra – Opening the 3rd Eye
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Speed Dowsing

Our International Visiting Speakers – Kelly Peacey, Serena Roney-Dougal

And not forgetting our Local Speakers – special thanks to our wonderful local speakers

As well as :

Site Visits to Herm (2), La Houguette School Mirus Battery, Creux es Fees Passage Grave
Private Dowsing Visits on Request
Monthly Drop Ins

All of course rounded up with a visit to Queux Plant Centre in December to see the Christmas Lights as a Precursor Event to Christmas. Guest starring Aindre Reece-Sheerin (International Opera and Jazz Singer) and Father Christmas (of course). All proceeds were divided equally between Green Legacy, Guernsey Society of Dowsers & Animal Aid.

Thank you all for your continued support and hope to see you again in 2019…

As a tribute to our Dowsing friend Chris Strong who, sadly, died suddenly in early December, we reproduce here a review of his book which gives an insight into Chris as a character and his influence on the world of Dowsing. The review was written by Kate Fortlage and published in Dowsing Today.
Chris was one of the Guernsey Society of Dowsers’ guest speakers a few years ago and made quite an impact with his talk and workshop on ‘Finding lost objects.’ Subsequently he became firm friends with our President, Tony Talmage, to whom Chris offered free practical advice and help with dowsing requests from people in need. Chris’s expertise also assisted Tony and Nigel, our Chairman, in locating an oil leak in Le Variouf hamlet above Petit Bot, which had threatened to close down the bay to summer visitors! Happily, disaster was averted.

Most people are aware of dowsing as a means of finding water or “water divining”, a skill which is essential in dry areas of the world. There are other uses for dowsing; archaeology, health, nutrition, locating minerals and underground structures, finding lost animals and people and many more. Learning to dowse is not difficult, but like most skills there is a lot to learn, and this book will show you just what is involved in becoming a dowser.
The Sceptical Dowser describes the life and work of a richly experienced professional dowser. Chris gives us an immensely valuable account of a Dowser’s Progress from the first awareness of skill to the full growth of professional knowledge and practice. A long and difficult journey, but full of fun and wisdom as he narrates his discoveries on the way.
He is well qualified as an agricultural scientist, and is a senior professional member of Therapeutic Healers. He is a long-standing member of The British Society of Dowsers, was awarded the Pogson Cup in 2010; and is a founder member of the Dowsing Research Group.
Chris and Veronika’s earlier book, “Stepping Stones into the Unknown” describes their first tangles with the paranormal, and since then they carried out much important research into the practice and philosophy of dowsing, as well as helping so many people to straighten out their lives.
This book is much more than a biography of a dowser; it is a biography of dowsing itself. Chris’s exploits range from banal to bizarre, such as being followed by tree spirits looking for a home, dealing with neighbours from hell (blowing their slates off) and being impersonated by a spirit at a funeral.
The Dowser’s Journey is set out in seventeen sections, each dealing with an aspect of dowsing. Chris gives us his challenging theories on each aspect and illustrates them with a rich array of case studies; serious, amusing and on the edge of understanding. Ritual is shown as an essential part of some dowsing tasks, while Angelic Assistance is often the best way to reinforce a dowsing intention (whatever form your angels take). There is also a superb and very detailed set of check lists for every dowsing situation you will meet.
After twenty five years I thought I knew something of dowsing — until I read this book, and I believe that Chris’ life story gives the most wise and full understanding of dowsing in all its aspects. For those who would like to learn about dowsing, the book gives an insight into the life of a dowser and the world of dowsing.
Hurry and order your copy from the BSD shop.
Published by Penwith Press, 2016. (