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Wow – what a great weekend. Adrian, always a welcome visitor to Guernsey, has been in the Island for the last few days.

The weekend started with a Talk to a packed room at Les Cotils on Friday on “Spirit and Earth”. The talk included healing with Sacred Symbols, an explanation of Holy Sites, Psychic Protection & attracting Energetic Patterns to Modern Sites.

Saturday morning saw Dowsing Members taking part in a Healing Workshop before visiting La Varde passage grave at L’Ancresse for some more healing.

On Sunday, Adrian gave an exciting one-day workshop on the Secrets of Healing your Home. We learned how to clear homes from any negative energies caused by Place Memories, Water Veins/Underground Streams, Human Conflict/Emotional Energies, Ghosts as well as disconnecting Psychic Cords, curing Fractured Souls and much more.

For more information of Adrian (Dowsing Spirits) see the following link –



Next Meeting – 7th March 2019

This is notification that the Guernsey Society of Dowsers’ AGM will be held on Thursday 7th March 2019 at 6.30 p.m. at Castel Douzaine Room (estimated time of AGM 10-15 minutes). A copy of the Notice is attached.

We are always happy to welcome new members on the Steering Committee and if you can spare a couple of hours a month and wish to be involved in making some of the decisions and assisting then please let me know.

Please note that you will not be able to attend the AGM if you have not renewed your annual membership as the AGM is members only.

After the AGM there will be a “Speed Dowsing Evening” starting at 7.00 p.m. and further details for this will be sent out closer to the date.

2019.03 AGM AGENDA  

2019 Membership Form

Meeting – 21st  February 2019

Tony Talmage   –   How to Measure Subtle Energies Using the Bovis Biometer.    Thursday 21st February 2019
Castel Douzaine,  7.00 – 8.00 p.m.    Followed by tea, coffee & biscuits.   Closing at 9.00 p.m.
Tony Talmage (Guernsey Society of Dowers President) will be demonstrating the Bovis Biometer – a tool that measures the life force energy level of any substance including food, medicine, living beings, objects or geographic places. Levels below 6500 are considered harmful while those over 6500 are health enhancing.

Be sure to bring your dowsing rods and pendulums with you as there will be a chance to try out your very own biometer scale !

Entrance is open to all and free for members and donations will be welcome from non-members

Meeting – 15th February 2019

Ariana Heartsong – Talk on the Healing and Transformational benefits of Soundbaths.   Friday 15th February 2019
Castel Douzaine, 7.00 – 8.00 p.m.   Followed by tea, coffee & biscuits.    Closing at 9.00 p.m.

Ariana is an international Lightworker and whilst currently based in Glastonbury and previously in Australia, she also visits Guernsey regularly. Ariana works with the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters to channel divine voice and visionary art which she sometimes enhances with the healing property of singing bowls.

Ariana will tell us a little of her spiritual journey and explain how she connects with spirit through both her art and vocals (singing and speaking in different Light Languages including those from the ancestral, off world and angelic realms).

Ariana has also kindly agreed to lead us through a taster 10 minute Soundbath.

“A Soundbath experience will vary from person to person. Some people experience deep relaxation and emotional healing whilst others feel a deep connection to spirit.”

Entrance is open to all and free for members and donations will be welcome from non-members

Dr Jason Monaghan talk on Alderney Excavations 17th January 2019

Thanks to Dr Jason Monaghan for last night’s well attended follow-up talk on the Alderney Excavations at the Nunnery in 2018.
We were treated to a glimpse into the past in both Roman and Iron Age times and given an insight into what life might have been like in past times with images of discovered skeletal remains, jewellery, coins and jars.


Happy New Year
to all our dowsing friends and supporter

2018 was another year full of great dowsing events with speakers and events on subjects ranging from

Talks and Practicals and Workshops on :

Alderney Excavations
The Power of Meditation
Accessing and Applying Universal Principles
The Importance of Sleep and Dreams
Summer Solstice Celebration
The Pineal Gland, Our Psychic Chakra – Opening the 3rd Eye
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Speed Dowsing

Our International Visiting Speakers – Kelly Peacey, Serena Roney-Dougal

And not forgetting our Local Speakers – special thanks to our wonderful local speakers

As well as :

Site Visits to Herm (2), La Houguette School Mirus Battery, Creux es Fees Passage Grave
Private Dowsing Visits on Request
Monthly Drop Ins

All of course rounded up with a visit to Queux Plant Centre in December to see the Christmas Lights as a Precursor Event to Christmas. Guest starring Aindre Reece-Sheerin (International Opera and Jazz Singer) and Father Christmas (of course). All proceeds were divided equally between Green Legacy, Guernsey Society of Dowsers & Animal Aid.

Thank you all for your continued support and hope to see you again in 2019…

As a tribute to our Dowsing friend Chris Strong who, sadly, died suddenly in early December, we reproduce here a review of his book which gives an insight into Chris as a character and his influence on the world of Dowsing. The review was written by Kate Fortlage and published in Dowsing Today.
Chris was one of the Guernsey Society of Dowsers’ guest speakers a few years ago and made quite an impact with his talk and workshop on ‘Finding lost objects.’ Subsequently he became firm friends with our President, Tony Talmage, to whom Chris offered free practical advice and help with dowsing requests from people in need. Chris’s expertise also assisted Tony and Nigel, our Chairman, in locating an oil leak in Le Variouf hamlet above Petit Bot, which had threatened to close down the bay to summer visitors! Happily, disaster was averted.

Most people are aware of dowsing as a means of finding water or “water divining”, a skill which is essential in dry areas of the world. There are other uses for dowsing; archaeology, health, nutrition, locating minerals and underground structures, finding lost animals and people and many more. Learning to dowse is not difficult, but like most skills there is a lot to learn, and this book will show you just what is involved in becoming a dowser.
The Sceptical Dowser describes the life and work of a richly experienced professional dowser. Chris gives us an immensely valuable account of a Dowser’s Progress from the first awareness of skill to the full growth of professional knowledge and practice. A long and difficult journey, but full of fun and wisdom as he narrates his discoveries on the way.
He is well qualified as an agricultural scientist, and is a senior professional member of Therapeutic Healers. He is a long-standing member of The British Society of Dowsers, was awarded the Pogson Cup in 2010; and is a founder member of the Dowsing Research Group.
Chris and Veronika’s earlier book, “Stepping Stones into the Unknown” describes their first tangles with the paranormal, and since then they carried out much important research into the practice and philosophy of dowsing, as well as helping so many people to straighten out their lives.
This book is much more than a biography of a dowser; it is a biography of dowsing itself. Chris’s exploits range from banal to bizarre, such as being followed by tree spirits looking for a home, dealing with neighbours from hell (blowing their slates off) and being impersonated by a spirit at a funeral.
The Dowser’s Journey is set out in seventeen sections, each dealing with an aspect of dowsing. Chris gives us his challenging theories on each aspect and illustrates them with a rich array of case studies; serious, amusing and on the edge of understanding. Ritual is shown as an essential part of some dowsing tasks, while Angelic Assistance is often the best way to reinforce a dowsing intention (whatever form your angels take). There is also a superb and very detailed set of check lists for every dowsing situation you will meet.
After twenty five years I thought I knew something of dowsing — until I read this book, and I believe that Chris’ life story gives the most wise and full understanding of dowsing in all its aspects. For those who would like to learn about dowsing, the book gives an insight into the life of a dowser and the world of dowsing.
Hurry and order your copy from the BSD shop.
Published by Penwith Press, 2016. (