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Health Dowsing

Dowsing for health reasons can take many forms from dowsing for food intolerances or balancing the intake of vitamins and minerals to discerning the cause of serious ailments. Some dowsers practise healthcare professionally and even in the most high-tech of therapeutic environments, the intuitive “hunch” of the dowser is often found to be of great benefit. As a way of disciplining and refining such intuitive senses, dowsing is a valuable and practical tool.

2018 The Pineal Gland – Friday evening talk

Due to popular demand and last year’s successful visit, parapsychologist Dr. Serena Roney Dougal gave another fascinating talk, this time based on her PhD research on the Pineal Gland which included shamanic and meditation practises.

The pineal gland makes various neurochemicals which are similar to those used by Amazonian shamans specifically for psychic purposes. This suggests that the pineal gland truly is our third eye, our psychic centre.

Gurus have located the physical aspect of the ajna chakra in the pineal gland and developed a programme of exercises for opening up this centre. We access this information via meditation as well as through our dreams.

Serena provided us with a wealth of information regarding her research and anecdotes of her experiences training with Tibetan monks and meeting the Dali Lama twice.

Questions came thick and fast and we all went home knowing a little more about the Pineal Gland and the chemicals created in the brain and in nature.

2018 Dr Serena Roney-Dougal Saturday workshop on meditation

Serena led everyone through a yogic meditation technique, which was taught together with an exercise used by Tibetan monks. These meditation techniques were to enhance and provide an excellent aid to further spiritual growth. The workshop meditation, the practical exercise and talk was very informative and therapeutic and enjoyed by all.


A Sunday day trip to Herm was a great success with an early start, a short walk and then a fun dowsing quiz on the history of Herm for all to enjoy.

Then by sheer chance (or synchronicity) an opportunity to dowse on Shell Beach for a lost piece of jewellery. Three of the dowsers had located the correct location for the missing item but the actual item was located with the help of a metal detector, an operative from Guernsey Heritage. Then after an enjoyable lunch some of the group visited St Tugual’s Chapel to dowse the energies. A great sunny day was had by all.

2016 Carol Champion – Nutritional Therapist

How to eat healthier and live longer

Many of us in Western society eat twice what we need for a healthy life, while half of the world is starving. Ironically this overeating contributes to obesity, which causes premature death and puts a strain on health services, while malnutrition continues to be a scourge in less-developed countries.

This was one of the messages the audience at the GSD Health Group meeting took away with them after a presentation by Guernsey’s weight-loss ‘guru’ and nutritional therapist Carol Champion.

Carol gave us the ingredients for an optimum diet with a ‘diet check’ questionnaire to fill in to see how we each shaped up. Twenty questions included ‘Do you add sugar to your food and drink every day?’ ‘Do you eat fast food more than twice a week?’ ‘Does less than a third of your diet consist of raw fruit and vegetables?’ Asked to add up our yess’s and no’s only one of us achieved a ‘well done’ score while most of us languished in the ‘could do better’ category. A really healthy diet, we were told, should each day include 2-4 portions of fruit , 3-5 servings of vegetables and 2-3 servings of wholegrains like brown rice, millet, rye, oats, wholewheat, corn, quinoa etc. Not to forget the oily fish! And 6-8 glasses of water a day.

President Tony suggested that as dowsers we could all dowse to see what ingredients we each needed for our individual well-being. Hosting his last-ever meeting he joked that Carol was a living example of a healthy lifestyle – who would have thought she was 104!

2016 Ann Bowditch – Colour Mirrors


When you engage with colour mirrors your life will never be the same again. So said Hypnotherapy & Holistic Health practitioner and teacher Ann Bowditch at a packed meeting of the Health Group. What are colour mirrors? Gorgeous bottles of oil and water, of different hues, which ‘reach out’ to something deep inside each person and establishes a relationship. The bottles have specific wording linked to them, which offers understanding and a new perspective. Ann explained, ‘We all have a subconscious link to colour and this unconscious awareness means that we will be drawn to the bottles that will help us the most as they reflect back at us our life path, our issues, our emotions, blocks to success and our challenges.’
In the break we paired up and dowsed which colour was ‘calling’ to each of us as individuals.

2016 Lou Saucell – Alexander Technique

Lou’s straight talking on posture

Bad posture can affect our whole bodies, including our organs, and can lead to all kinds of health issues. This is what members of the GSD’s Health Group learned from our guest speaker Lou Saucell, UK consultant and practitioner in the Alexander Technique. This is the system which aims to correct all those bad habits we’ve had since childhood. In fact, Lou told us, most toddlers naturally have good posture, as do animals. Things start to go wrong, bearing-wise, when our children begin school and start distorting their necks reading books. From then on the way we hold our heads starts to deteriorate and, with the advent of computers and mobile phones, spinal problems are on the increase. ‘We’ve now got a syndrome called “text neck”,’ Lou told us. Teens and twenties hunched over their mobiles and tablets are playing havoc with their posture, which could lead to serious problems later in life. Both Lou’s talk and workshop were well attended. At both she demonstrated a way to correct our bodies’ distortions using a technique called ‘Semi-supine.’

Alison King Akashic Record Consultant 2016

Akashic Record Consultant Alison King was our summer season UK speaker. The Akashic Record is an invisible data-base throughout the universe that stores all information about everything – past, present and future. Alison ‘reads’ the information and answers questions on historic events, family history and personal matters.
During her Friday night talk and demonstration, which attracted an excellent audience of 37, she was asked to explain the mysterious deaths of one-year-old twins whose mother was one of the audience’s ancestors. Alison said she saw them being dropped over the side of a boat into water. Their mother didn’t want them and resented how they hindered her freedom. ‘Are you saying their mother murdered them?’ Tony asked. ‘I am not saying that. All I can say is that I see them dropping over the side of a boat and their mother is there.’ We asked the questioner how the twins had died. ‘They drowned,’ she said.
During our Saturday morning workshop Alison got us all thinking outside the box – literally! Or maybe, more accurately, it was outside our heads. With a series of exercises she demonstrated that thoughts don’t just exist inside our brains but are ‘out there’ as living things in the ether. ‘Close your eyes. Now where do you see your kitchen? The upstairs loo? Your first school? Your favourite place?’ Were our childhood memories actually 120 miles away in England or inside our skulls?

Acupuncturist Sue Blampied 2016


Our treasurer Jerry has discomfort in his left elbow joint so what an excellent opportunity for our speaker to demonstrate her skills.

Acupuncturist Sue Blampied gently inserted a needle into Jerry’s skin. ‘Can you feel the energy moving?’ Asked Sue. Jerry agreed he definitely could. Sue explained that this traditional Chinese therapy was now being accepted all over the globe as an effective method of pain control. It works by balancing the body’s Chi, or life force.
In Sue’s fascinating talk to the monthly meeting of the Society’s Health Group she told us the needles stimulate specific points on the body – a practice which had withstood the test of time because it works safely to relieve many common health complaints. It can also be used to help patients with more serious health conditions like her patient with cancer who believes his treatments had helped him in his fight against the disease.
Questions came thick and fast and we all went home knowing a little more about how this Oriental practice contributes to the wellness of the world.
Picture: No, Pam’s not being rude! Sue is checking Pam’s tongue and pulse which helps with diagnosis.

Tony Talmage 2016 – Intuitive Chromepathy

Colour has the power to heal…that’s what we learned when Tony told us about his unique complementary therapy ‘Intuitive Chromeopathy.’ He explained it is a healing method based on the ability of colours to ‘radiate’ the energy body of a human, animal or plant, to restore it to optimum health.

We learned that colour is really an electromagnetic frequency. When it is ‘shone’ on the human aura it rebalances us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In Intuitive Chromeopathy this same light is also used to impregnate pure water with the healing frequency. As in homeopathy, the water is succussed and a few drops are mixed into a full glass of water and drunk up to four times a day to supplement the effect.

Tony uses 12 colours – GREEN, TURQUOISE, BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET, PURPLE, MAGENTA, SCARLET, RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, AND LEMON. He told us they are not just any old colours but produced using special gel filters which have the right wavelength (for the technically-minded this is between 400 and 780 nanometers).

We then paired up and measured the depth of our partner’s aura with our dowsing tool. Then, we dowsed the colour that their system needed NOW to improve their well-being. Then we concentrated on the selected colour, breathing it in. After five minutes we measured our auras again. Wow! Everyone’s (except for one) had expanded. Some said they felt lighter, happier.

Tony then demonstrated his ‘Joy machine,’ based on an invention by an American medical genius who was so successful in the 1920s in relieving all kinds of conditions with his ‘tonations’ that he was attacked, over a period of 20 years, by a jealous medical establishment and finally banned. Tony’s development of his system uses dowsing to select the exact colour for the treatment and more modern technology.

Tony will be ‘going live’ with his therapy soon and will be launching it via a website currently under construction.

2015 Kelly Peacey Sacred Geometry


Expanding our consciousness using geometric shapes; using crystals to supercharge our Intent – these were the themes of Kelly Peacey’s talk and her workshop the following day, writes Tony Talmage.

Thirty-five of us attended her talk and 15 took part in the practical sessions.

‘Sacred geometry is the organisation basis of all that exists,’ Kelly explained. ‘Everything from the molecules of our DNA, the cornea of our eyes, snow flakes, pine cones, diamond crystals, the branching of trees, nautilus shells, the stars we spin around, the galaxy we spiral within, the air we breath – all emerge from timeless geometric codes.’

Kelly told her audience that these natural shapes have been captured in what are now known as the five ‘Platonic Solids’ – the tetrahedron, the cube (hexahedron), the octahedron, dodecahedron and the icosahedron. From these shapes can be extrapolated all kinds of symbols which the ancients believed have a mystical power.

We used two of these in our workshop – the Flower of Life and the Vesica Piscis. To balance and charge our chakras we were instructed to place seven quartz crystals on the Flower of Life crossover points (see image) with two double terminated crystals at the head and foot representing the soul star and earth star.

Now the scene is set to supercharge our energy systems. Deep breaths and send intent to bring a cleansing and balancing light into our beings. Wow! Feel the energy surge.

Using the Vesica Piscis (imagine two circles overlapping each other, leaving an almond shape in the middle), Kelly led us into a meditation to balance our right and left brains and the male and female elements that reside in us all. Mmmm! Some of us felt a bit spaced out afterwards. ‘Don’t drive until you’re fully back to earth,’ Kelly advised.

Kelly’s excellent talk and workshop gave us just a flavour of this fascinating field. Now it is up to us to develop our knowledge and incorporate the principles into our daily lives.

2015 Health Evening – Dr Dyer DVD 

If there were just 10 things that you needed to know in order to have a happy and fulfilled life, living would be a lot simpler. Dr Dyer believes that we all have the key to success within us and that we can achieve whatever we desire in life. These 10 Secrets will open up your thinking and offer fresh ways of approaching the world.
This session reviewed Dr Wayne Dyer’s top 10 secrets for success and inner peace and explored how these can be applied to our own lives.
Firstly, on an individual basis, we listed our personal suggestion/principles for success and inner peace. There were no right or wrong answers. This was simply an opportunity to think about what is important to each of us. Throughout the session, we were not asked to share this information with anyone else unless we wanted to make an individual comment.
We then watched his DVD, with the list to hand, jotting down examples from our own lives that came to mind, focusing on positive events or thoughts where possible.

1. Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing
2. You can’t give away what you don’t have
3. There are no justified resentments
4. Don’t die with your music still In you
5. Embrace silence
6. Give up your personal history
7. You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it
8. Treat yourself as if you already were what you’d like to become
9. Treasure your divinity
10. Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you
Certainly, personally speaking, every single item was a gem, which resonated.
We then, in pairs, dowsed for which one item on the list was the priority principle of our partner at that particular moment of time. And what came up? For me, the perfect answer to what I absolutely need to and am trying to embrace now.
So, many thanks, Mary for such an excellent evening.

2015 Lea Powell – Homeopathy


The last speaker of the year for our Health Special Interest Group was a real complementary health all-rounder. Not satisfied with training for years and qualifying in reflexology, Lea Powell, then studied for four more years as a homeopath. Along the way she gained qualifications in Reiki and counselling. Then she studied and qualified as a midwife!

But her fascinating talk to us on this occasion concentrated on Homeopathy – the holistic therapeutic system based on the principle that ‘like treats like.’

Lea explained, ‘A substance which causes symptoms when taken in large doses can be used in smaller doses to treat similar symptoms.’ Lea said that homeopaths look at the person as a whole. ‘For example, if you were suffering from claustrophobia, depression and backache the conventional route might involve separate courses of treatment for each symptom, whereas a homeopath will consider all symptoms together as a whole and possibly address them with a single prescription.’

Lea said the chosen remedy was not what does the healing, but the person’s own Life Force, which is stimulated into action by the remedy which acts as a catalyst.

‘The amazing thing,’ said Lea, ‘is that the original substance in the treatment is diluted so many times that no molecule is left. But the essence, energy and pattern remains and this is what works on our Life Force.

‘It is counter-intuitive but it works.’

Jo Pederson 2015 – Aromatherapy


If you want a legal mood lifter then look no further than essential oils, aromatherapist Jo Pedersen told a meeting of the Health Special Interest Group. She explained that herbs and plants have been recognised for their therapeutic properties for thousands of years. Ancient civilisations like the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used them in rituals and ceremonies, as well as for their medicinal properties.

Jo’s talk was punctuated by questions from members who were given a selection of vials of oils to sniff. Jo explained, ‘When you smell an oil its molecules are absorbed by the nerve endings in your nose and this sends a signal to the part of the brain connected with memory and emotion, which is why different scents evoke different feelings.’

Among the selection ‘tested’ by eager volunteers were bergamot (anti-depressant), lavender (good for coughs and colds), ylang ylang (boosts self esteem) and mandarin (lifts the spirits).

Said one member, ‘It’s a really fascinating subject. I must buy myself a selection.’

Jo said some essential oils are available at Hansa Wholefood.

2014 Kelly Peacey – Crystal Healing Friday Evening


Thirty-seven year old energy worker, psychic and crystal healer
Kelly Peacey was our Autumn speaker from the UK and proved to be one of our most popular yet, writes Joan Ozanne.

Kelley has collected crystals for over 20 years and has recently started a five month course at her home base, the renowned Isbourne Centre in Gloucestershire, on ‘crystal ascension’.

Kelly said there are many theories as to why crystal healing works – her personal opinion is that we are mostly energy – in fact on a molecular scale we are 99% space/energy and crystals interact with this.

Kelly invited her Friday audience of 30 to come up to her table, which was laden with all kinds of minerals and gemstones, and use our intuition to select one crystal that felt personal to us. Using a pendulum we then asked it on scale of 1 – 100 to “show me my energy optimum”. Soothing music was played to get us into an Alpha or Theta brain wave pattern and connect with the crystal. The pendulum then indicated our energy levels, which could be compared by repeating the process at home later.

Members of the audience experienced a ‘pulsating’ whilst holding the crystal and colours appeared in the mind, which indicated that we were indeed having a ‘crystal experience’.

Kelly informed us there were two approaches to crystal healing. The passive option involved just leaving crystals on the ground in a pattern, like Stonehenge. Or there was her preference, the active way, asking the crystals to work with you.

Kelly explained that healers particularly liked quartz which, when squeezed, emits a stable current of electricity.

The clearing of crystals is important, she said, as they absorb a huge amount of information. One method is to use the moon’s energy to draw out all the negative vibrations. Another way is to place the crystal in clear, running water.

Kelly’s talk was fascinating and a wonderful taster for the workshop which was to be held the following day (see report by Tony).

• During the talk Sue Taylor was making notes on her iPad. Here are some of them, which give an added flavour of the evening:

billions of years old – formed of Mother Earth. Our ancestors revered them. We are energy. Everything is energy. Ninety-nine percent of space is consciousness and we are interacting with that consciousness. Choose the right crystal for you on feeling. The
intuitive mind is very fast. ‘Wow I like that.’ Equivalent to choosing your partner! Crystal’s mineral content, eg silica, resonates with same mineral in our bodies. Crystals help to fine-tune our subtle senses – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience etc.

2014 Kelly Peacey – Crystal Healing Saturday Morning Workshop


‘What a wonderful morning,’ said one sparkly-eyed workshopper after two-and-a-half hours of healing using the ‘vibratory signature’ of crystals under the gentle guidance of our UK guest Kelly Peacey.

Fifteen of us who gathered on Saturday morning learned that crystals are the billion year old solid essences of Mother Earth that were here before humankind was thought of and will be here long after we are gone.

‘They are a gift from God or the Divine or Source – however you see the Creator,’ said Kelly. ‘And the innate spiritual awareness of the crystals facilitates healing.’

After demonstrating with six quartz crystals laid in a circle on the ground (known as a grid), with their points (terminations) facing out, we split into pairs to recreate a crystal Star of David and then a 3-dimensional mystical Merkabah. One of us sat within the now spinning geometrical shape and the other directed the power of the cosmos to heal wherever it was needed – physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. There was much swaying and rapturous expressions as the vibrations did their work.

Then it was on to our Gem Essences exercise when Kelly involved us all in a dramatic demonstration of how the energy of crystals really does make a difference. First we all drank a sip of ordinary tap-water, noting its taste (a bit chloriney) and any effect on our thoughts. Then we each poured ourselves a beaker of the same water but this time imbuing it with the energy of our own, pre-selected crystal. Unbelievable! The taste was totally different. We all sampled our 15 ‘essences’ and reactions varied from ‘tastes peppery’ to ‘my heart feels lighter.’

Kelly explained, ‘The mineralogical content within the crystal is affecting the very same minerals within our bodies, causing us to realign.’

Kelly said crystal healing works by ‘resonating with a person’s truth’. For instance an explanation for one healer might be that the sacred geometry of the crystalline structure causes healing by resonance vibrating our energies into sub-molecular coherence. (Sorry, what was that again?)

Or another explanation might be: It’s Magic!

Sue Taylor writes:
Kelly illustrated the way crystals work by recounting the experiments of Japanese entrepreneur Dr Masaru Emoto who discovered water can hold the ‘memory’ of human emotion – either hate or love. Frozen water crystals of hate produced a chaotic pattern under his microscope while love was reflected by shapes of wondrous beauty. Crystals connect us to the Gaia consciousness of the earth and to the cosmic consciousness.

For the healing to work you must want and desire something to happen. The energy within each crystal was demonstrated in the gem elixir exercise – for instance citrine was the happy stone that makes people giggly!
 Kelly’s favourite crystal changes on a daily basis depending on what she needs it for. 
She regularly clears detrimental energies in her home, including from her pets and plants. During the session I felt calm and warm

Di Holliday 2014


How often have you been thinking of someone and the phone rings and that person is on the line? Or have you ever felt uncomfortable and turned round to find someone staring at you? Or have you ever visited a place unknown to you and then get the feeling you have been there before?
These are some of the questions UK life coach and counsellor Di Holliday posed to an audience of 36 when she gave a talk at Les Cotils demonstrating the interconnectedness of everything.
Most of us have had this kind of experience, she said, and those in psychic circles call it Extra Sensory Perception, or ESP.
But how does it work? Di said it’s all to do with the FIELD – a matrix of invisible energies swirling all around us. Being aware of this FIELD helps us to understand how our thoughts can create our reality and how we dowsers can get answers to questions beyond the ability of our conscious minds.
Also in her talk, called ‘Attracting abundance,’ Di said it was important to be positive as these thoughts rippled out into the universe and brought positive things back to us. Thinking negatively did the opposite.
At her workshop at Queux Patio Plants Centre the following day
Di took 17 attendees through practical exercises – how to gauge our health with the aid of a chart and how to improve our chart results by raising our vibrations. Some music would lift us up, as would meditation, crystals and ‘grounding’ – connecting our feet with mother earth.
‘Each new day we each have the choice to manifest a positive upward energy spiral of happiness, forgiveness, acceptance and love of self or a downward vortex of unhappiness, fear, anxiety, guilt and depression – the choice is ours. No-one is responsible for the way we think but ourselves.’
Picture shows the collective positive vibrations achieved after a two hour ‘attracting abundance’ workshop! Di is proudly displaying her new gift – a GSD mug.

2014 Sue Taylor – Tapping


Tap – Tap – Tap…the simple way to enter a state of bliss! Well, perhaps not bliss but a more balanced state of being.

That’s what we practised at a meeting of the Health Special Interest Group when Sue Taylor put us through our paces in discovering the energy therapy called BodyTalk.

The practitioner’s fingers cover both sides of the head, spanning the left and right hemispheres of the brain, while his or her other hand covers sections of the brain, from the back to the front, along the way. The head tapping alternates with tapping on the breastbone. These actions accomplish a renewed balance in the mind which is ‘sealed in’ to the heart. Result – the head feels less ‘foggy’, the mental focus sharpens, and the mind feels more balanced and clear.

Split into pairs, we each ‘had a go’ and afterwards readily agreed that a greater sense of well-being had been achieved. But this unique healing mode was not the only beneficial practice on offer this evening – we all went on to refresh our skills with EFT, which is like acupuncture without the needles followed by a session of chakra balancing. ‘I can feel energy surging up through my head,’ commented one participant as her crown chakra was treated.

At the end of the evening we all floated off home on a cushion of well being.

2014 Sean Harvey  –  Jikeden Reiki

Sue Taylor writes:-
Sean Harvey of Jikeden Reiki, Guernsey, who practices and teaches Japanese and Western Style Reiki, kindly came to speak to us.
In our group there was one person who has done Reiki training, several who had experienced it as a treatment and a couple of us, like myself, who basically knew it was some kind of hands on ( or off as it happens) energetic healing.
Rei…. a directive God force, higher level intention Ki…….prana, chi, life force, energy
The energy we are working with is based in the spirit world
The Japanese style is very simple, whereas Western Reiki has added new age influences
He went through the history of Reiki, starting with Mikao Usui who was born in 1865 and died in 1926, and how it spread via Hayashi and Takata
He described the key components:
Attunement process: is personal between the master/teacher and the student. The student is opened up and harmonised and sensitised to the energy which is allowed to flow freely through people.
Hand positioning: focus around the key energy points including chakras Meditation and focussing Reiki symbols: initially one learns 3- to harmonise the healing energy- one to increase power, one with a mental/ emotional application and one for distant healing Reiki principles

We are advised to sit with our hands in the prayer position and repeat these out loud 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening. Sean said them in Japanese- lovely. But is is fine for us to do it in English! And I really like the “just for today”- makes it feel more immediate and more do-able.
We did some exercises rubbing our hands together and feeling the energy between them and between ours and someone else’s
It was a fascinating evening and lots more was discussed than my brief summary
He gave a brief demonstration of a treatment- I definitely want to experience a treatment for myself. And if anyone wants to learn more, part 1 is to teach you how to use Reiki on yourself, whilst part 2 onwards teaches about treating others.

Getting Life Into Balance 2014

Sue Taylor writes…January is a good time for New Year Resolutions and new beginnings so it seemed appropriate for our first Health Dowsing Meeting for 2014 to spend an evening doing Life Balance exercises.

It was lovely to see a couple of new faces.

We started making sure we were grounded, hydrated, focused and protected, and that we had permission to work. Then, in pairs, we used our dowsing tools to get a measure of our individual level of well being over the last two weeks- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 100% represents perfection (none of us were there!) Then the idea was to find what was the ONE thing we could do on a daily basis for the next six weeks that would be of most benefit and what our health percentage rating would be then.

To ensure we did not risk our own biases coming in,we each dowsed on behalf of our partners, so that our own wishes to get more sleep would not necessarily come to the fore!

We then had a chat about our findings and experiences, said our thanks and closed down.

A small core of enthusiasts then chatted by the fire for another couple of hours- everyone is always welcome to stay at the end of the organized evening of the Health Special Interest Group meetings, which are very interactive and informal.

It will be interesting how many of us do what came up and what happens. I found that having committed to do the Sun Salutation Yoga Exercise each morning, I could not remember them exactly, and that the calmness and flexibility I should achieve is definitely needed!