Dowsing Matters

26th September 2019 – Talk by Guernsey Healing and Spiritual Centre.

What a wonderful Thursday evening we had with Monica Atkinson, Pauline Telford, Sean Harvey and Julie Snell from the Guernsey Healing and Spiritual Centre. Monica provided an interesting introduction on how the centre was formed, Pauline told us what activities were available at the centre. Sean then offered an insight into his beliefs and history which led to his work with trance mediumship. We then were introduced to Julie who gave us a super demonstration of platform mediumship, which was followed by a break.

After refreshments we were privileged to watch Sean give an excellent demonstration of trance mediumship where he channelled his spirit team, providing a profound and thought provoking message. It is with great thanks to Monica, Pauline, Sean and Julie for a wonderful evening of spirit. Thank you.

Talk by Geraldine Silk 6th June 2019

We had two for the price of one when Geraldine Silk kindly filled in for a speaker who couldn’t make it. And the evening turned out to be really fascinating. Judging by the chatter afterwards, Geraldine’s talk on the secret life of bees gave the audience a real buzz. Did you know that there are no longer any honey bees in the wild? The ones you might see in your garden would probably belong to a nearby beekeeper. And they love bottlebrush – and teasel for water supplies. They are such intelligent creatures – working as a team to ensure the hive thrives. And then Geraldine turned on a sixpence to tell us of her experiences photographing orbs. Our holiday snaps will never be the same – splashing alongside us on a sunny beach might well be an angel! Or at least an intelligent entity sharing our space. Geraldine’s ancient Guernsey cottage is full of them – and your home probably is, too. Try taking a few pictures and then look out for tiny orbs floating in front of you somewhere. They are all around us apparently.


A steady stream of visitors – from children to grandparents – discovered the fascination of dowsing at Guernsey’s ‘Geek Weekend’ at Candie where Nigel, Annie, Sue and Tony manned a GSD stand. To intrigued passers-by they demonstrated the art of the rods and pendulums and some people had a go themselves. They were challenged to find the hidden seed-packets, which they were delighted to be given when they succeeded! Besides seeds, lots took away info sheets and programmes and some said they may well come along and join us at future meetings. A well worthwhile exercise – with the blessing of sunshine as well. Pictured: Nigel puts a visitor through her paces and another tries Nigel’s ‘find the seed-packet’ challenge.


Saturday afternoon drop in saw 12 people attending. The discussions were wide ranging and at times profound.
Nigel Clark asked an open question regarding dowsing for site guardians and whether we should be asking the site guardian questions rather than the sites. Tony Talmage responded to the question by hypothesising that when we request permission from the site guardian to dowse we then actually create the site guardian with our question and thought process – ie ‘the observer creates reality.’ In other words, human consciousness works in partnership with the universal consciousness to co-create the mind of the Guardian and the consciousness of the site. Despite becoming very profound our discussion was lively and we learned that in the dimensions outside our earthly plane time does not exist and everything is ‘now’.
Other thoughts were:
We are all inter-connected and what we think or expect we create.
We are connecting with the Universal Consciousness when we dowse.
We moved on to re-incarnation when John told us of the Bloxham Tapes, recordings of regression therapy by a hypnotherapist in which patients recalled previous lives. One such was Virginia Tighe who, in the 1950s, claimed to be an Irish housewife called Bridey Murphy and painted a vivid picture of Ireland in Victorian times. It was noted that there was no record of any future life regressions with it being thought that since the future has not been experienced we cannot regress to it.
Carol’s mention of the science of Quantum Entanglement brought us back to the possibility that, as actions happen instantaneously, objects can appear to travel faster than the speed of light. It proves everything is connected and that is the essence of successful dowsing – tuning into the inter-connected energy field.
One thing that hinders this, said Tony, was thinking too much with the conscious mind
‘We call it paralysis by analysis’ he said. We should ask specific questions and then let go and tune in.
Emotional involvement was also discussed. Dowsing for yourself is very difficult if you are emotionally involved in the answer. It is better to get someone else to dowse the question for you. The answer to becoming a successful dowser is to practise, practise and practise! Also be detached from the answer and accept the response without analysing or thinking or questioning it.
Nigel then hypothesized we are learning every minute of the day, changing and growing as we go.


A wonderful time was had by all on the wet and windy Thursday night Dowsing trip to Herm. We all met at 5.30pm at the harbour signpost and then walked down to the common before Shell Beach to meet with Tony Talmage who had prepared a dowsing question and answer session with fascinating facts on Herm for us all.
To start with, Tony had us dowse the earth energies of a burial mound which had a very strong energy signature and affected us all in some way. After some of us had walked the hill and spent time in dowsing mode and contemplation, Tony then took us to a sheltered area of the common where we could be out of the wind and then proceeded with a great facts and figures session on Herm’s history. This was followed by a number of questions, such as how many people had been buried here (thousands!), what year was the first chapel built (586 – washed away in 709) etc then afterwards Tony continued to provide us with more interesting facts from a book called Herm – its mysteries and its charm, by Michael Marshall.
After the dowsing session we all headed to the Mermaid Tavern and enjoyed a wonderful meal and good conversation with lovely people, before enjoying a boat ride home.
Many thanks to Marilyn for organising this enjoyable trip. Everyone is now looking forward to next year’s visit!


Under Tony’s guidance we proved that walking a labyrinth definitely lifts the energy levels and improves a person’s well being. We confirmed this during the meeting devoted to finding out more about this ancient spiritual path. We learned that a labyrinth is a is a design with a single path (see image) that leads to the center and back out again – as opposed to a maze that has multiple choices and tricks and dead ends.

Tony said that labyrinths can be found all over the world, some 4000 years old, but the most famous is at Chartres Cathedral in France,laid down in 1200. Pilgrims from all over come to seek a spiritual boost from its energies. We dowsers learned how to lay out our own seven-path labyrinth on the wooden floor of the hall using chalk and glow sticks! Then, in a contemplative frame of mind, we walked the pathway. ‘I really feel uplifted,’ said one of our ‘pilgrims’ afterwards.

And the rise in our energy levels and well being? Right at the start we divided off and measured each other’s auras and percentage energy levels. At the end we did it again and unanimously agreed our energies had risen – some had more than doubled.

‘What a pity there isn’t a permanent labyrinth in Guernsey,’ said Tony. ‘It would be somewhere for people to come for a quiet meditation and it’s also good for solving some of life’s problems.’

But in Guernsey it’s easy to lay down a temporary one, said Tony – just go down to the beach at low tide and draw one with a stick.



We have been asked to dowse for many things in Guernsey – but never before for oil!

But, could we help prevent a potential ecological disaster to one of the island’s premier beauty spots, Petit Bot, we were asked. Happy to have a go, we said. Guernsey Water were alerted in April when the natural spring in the hamlet filled up with heating oil and threatened to spill from the connected trough into streams heading for Petit Bot bay.

Despite a visit by the authority to every home to test every tank and supply pipe, still the oil poured into the spring. The mystery deepened. Enter the Guernsey Society of Dowsers. Chairman Nigel Clarke and President Tony Talmage started systematically dowsing for streams which could be carrying the offending fuel. Gradually they homed in on the ‘culprit’ giving Guernsey Water a small area to re-examine. This time, success!

All steps were immediately taken by the authorities to remedy the problem and negotiations with owners and insurance companies are on-going. Guernsey Water have shown their appreciation with a donation to our funds.
Pictures: The once polluted trough and an aerial view of Le Variouf hamlet.


The word ‘Dowsing’ falls far short of encapsulating the mind-boggling possibilities which it offers. It’s a bit like we still use the word ‘broadcasting’ to describe sending a radio signal from transmitter to receiver. But the word doesn’t distinguish between the ordinary and the extraordinary. It could mean anything from a crude walkie-talkie with a range of 10 metres to a satellite 24,000 miles above our heads transmitting a high definition, three dimensional, colour television picture to a 70 inch LED flat screen TV.
Any of the following words could justifiably be used in connection with some aspects of dowsing…mysterious, supernatural, paranormal, mystical, psychic, clairvoyant, uncanny, bizarre, mumbo-jumbo, weird. Dowsing creates a bridge between two worlds – those of the visible and the invisible.
In computer terms, dowsing is a kind of spiritual search engine – an extra-dimensional Google searching all that is known for answers to anything and everything: From, ‘Will this melon be ripe in time for my dinner party on Wednesday?’ To, ‘How many past lives have I lived?’ From, ‘Should I wear a waterproof coat today?’ To, ‘Why is my relationship not working?’ You can dowse for the answer to anything.


What are the dowsing tools? The primary instrument is the mind of the dowser. To engage the sub-conscious in the dowsing process the dowser uses any of four main devices – the pendulum, the Y-rod (forked stick), the L-rod, or something called the bobber. These act as indicators much as a needle on a gauge. The tools respond giving yes/no (or true/false) answers to carefully worded questions. Dowsing is sometimes called divining which indicates that the source of the answers might be from a higher consciousness or the Universal Mind. The biggest dowsing tool of all, though, is your INTENT. A human being’s conscious intention can change the world. Through all the many years of researching the metaphysical, esoteric, mystical, occult, paranormal, the Unexplained, the Mysterious and Things That Go Bump in the Night I have come to the conclusion that The Mind is the one factor common to them all.
Or perhaps that should be ‘consciousness.’ The human consciousness is what connects with the Field, or the Zero Point Field, or the Cosmic Consciousness, or The Akashic Record or Out There or however you want to think of as the Universal Mind.
And what has this got to do with real life? Your mind’s accessing the Universal Consciousness is like your computer exploring the internet…All the answers are there if you know where to look.


Guernsey’s German Military Underground Hospital offers the dowser a choice of divining experiences – to either see it purely as an archaeological dowsing exercise, or as an opportunity to connect with any trapped earthbound souls left there after their harsh treatment by the Occupying Forces.
The nine of us who gathered on a still but overcast Saturday morning opted for the spiritual experience and, after a briefing by Tony, entered the dank, forbidding tunnel complex with rods and pendulums ready to detect, and then help if possible, any wandering spirits still anchored to this earthly dimension by their misery.
Tony told us, ‘Mentally connect with the location and then let your dowsing tools tell you if there are any earthbound entities who need to be moved on. Ask how many there are and ask if you, personally, can guide them to the light and to the next phase of their life’s journey.’
So, in we walked through the entrance of this the claustrophobic complex, built by enforced labour during World War 11, under the fields of St Andrew’s. With its network of passages, containing hospital wards, an operating theatre, mortuary, kitchen, ammunition store, and even a cinema, it is the largest structure built by the Germans in the Channel Islands.
As we ventured along the warren of concrete and brick structures we split up and individually became engrossed in our own bubbles of endeavour. ‘Are there any souls here that I can move to the light today? ‘ – Yes.
‘How many would be willing to go to the light now?’ Four.
Human consciousness is a very powerful force. Through visualisation it can create a column of light into which any lost soul can enter and resume their karmic journey. ‘They cannot do this without the intervention of human consciousness’, Tony explained.
The labyrinth of cold, sinister passages, dripping with moisture, contained many ‘hot-spots’ of heavy, detrimental vibrations which we transmuted to light, beneficial energy as we went. An hour and a quarter later we emerged into the comparative warmth of the outside world to share in a general ‘de-briefing.’
‘I helped four trapped spirits to the light,’ said Pam. ‘I dowsed lots of human remains buried in the walls,’ said Sue. ‘I found different spirits in different parts of the tunnels,’ said Jerry
Tony concluded what had been a thought-provoking dowsing experience with a final entreaty to the spirit world to help any remaining trapped beings find the light. Our job done, it was time for a coffee to warm the bones of folk still very much a part of this earthly plane.


You never know where dowsing will take you
Tony Talmage writes:
In 1991, when her daughter’s rare, hand-carved harp was stolen, Associate Professor Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, clinical supervisor at the University of California, Berkeley’s Psychology Clinic, did something extraordinary for a dyed- in-the-wool scientific thinker. After the police failed to turn up any leads, a friend suggested she call a dowser, who specialized in finding lost objects. With nothing to lose—and almost as a joke—Dr. Mayer agreed. Within two days, and without leaving his Arkansas home 1500 miles away, the dowser located the exact California street coordinates where the harp was found. What followed turned Dr Mayer’s familiar world of science and rational thinking upside down. Deeply shaken, yet driven to understand what had happened, Mayer began a fourteen-year journey of discovery which ended in her writing her bestseller ‘Extraordinary Knowing’ that explores what science has to say about this episode and countless other ‘inexplicable’ phenomena. From Sigmund Freud’s writings on telepathy to secret CIA experiments on remote viewing, from leading- edge neuroscience to the strange world of quantum physics, Dr. Mayer researched a wealth of credible and fascinating information about the psychic world where the mind seems to trump the laws of nature. So pick up a pendulum or make yourself dowsing rods from an old pair of coat hangers and start your own journey of discovery!