2019 Health

Life Balancing and Body Mapping 23rd May 2019
A very interesting evening led by Sue Taylor

The first part of the evening was an exercise on life balancing where we learnt how simple changes to our routine can improve our quality of life. Working in pairs we dowsed to find our life balance as a percentage. Most of us found this had risen after the exercise . Everyone’s needs are different and the first task was to find our priority area that needed balancing be it work, play, rest, sleep, exercise, nutrition, mental stimulation, breathing or geobiology.
Once this had been established we dowsed to see what we could specifically do to balance our priority area. We found this can be easily incorporated into our everyday lives,as simple as spending a bit more fun time on the beach or by just eating an egg at breakfast for a few weeks.
After the break we undertook a body mapping exercise. This put our art skills to test by drawing an outline sketch of our body. It didn’t matter too much about the quality of this, thank goodness! There were 5 areas to concentrate on – feet, legs, heart, hands and head. Each related to a specific question for example the legs question was what do I like doing? With our body sketched we were led by Sue in a quiet meditation to help us note down, either written or drawn, for each body area the first things that came into our head. A drawing of a flower would represent a love of gardening. Once all 5 areas had been completed we were then able to discuss our body map with our partner to show that by communicating our feelings, thoughts and ideas we can connect and help each other and our understanding of ourselves. We found these discussions helped add extra meaning to our body map.
A really hands on evening. Thank you Sue.
Best wishes
Ian and Yvonne