2020 Health

Sabine Lovelight Sound Healing – 16th July 2020

For 50 minutes those of us gathered at Queux Plant Centre  wallowed in a ‘sound bath’ – a sublimely hypnotic experience created by the skills of healing practitioner Sabine Lovelight.  Using a variety of gongs and Himalayan singing bowls, Sabine sent gentle waves of sound over us.  As the reverberations ebbed and flowed we collectively broadcast healing vibrations to a world devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.  ‘It was a wonderful  experience,’  said one member.’ Another commented that it was almost like an orchestra giving our thoughts wings.

Sophie Knight’s talk on the Hypnotism – 13th February 2020

Hypnosis is a way of focusing the mind and achieving objectives.  It does not hand over your will to a Svengali who will make you dance naked on a table top or cluck like a chicken.  These  myths were dispelled by our guest speaker, hypnotherapist Sophie Knight, who explained that mesmerism has been in use for thousands of years and, before the invention of anaesthetics, was used to eliminate the pain of surgical and dental procedures. 

She told us how she used hypnotism today in life coaching and sports performance.  ‘Any behavioural change in the client is because the client wants it, deep down,’ said Sophie. ‘Anything you wouldn’t do in ordinary life you wouldn’t do under hypnosis.’  She took her enthralled audience through the stages of a typical session and then, with the help of Tony measuring Afifah’s aura,  demonstrated that suggestion is so powerful that it can change the body’s energies from negative to positive, and vice versa, within seconds.