Talk: Where Science and Magic Meet

Date: 7th July 2017

Time: 7pm-9pm

Location: Les Cotils

Serena Roney – Dougal

Sir James Jeans, a quantum physicist, said that modern physics suggests that the Universe is not material but a world of mind: the clockwork universe is dead and the holographic universe awakes. I shall explore mind from our personal subliminal and psychic states of consciousness to that Universal Mind of which the world is made. This talk is really an overview of the whole of my work, for mind, and in particular parapsychology, is the place where science and magic truly meet.

In parapsychology we are exploring precisely the parameters that are involved in psychic awareness and psychokinesis. In essence we are using science to explore the psychology of occultism, the art of the magician, through our research into the subliminal mind, the power of the unconscious, the world of dream and myth.

What I find so exciting is that parapsychology sheds light on the world-view emerging from the work of physicists like David Bohm, which suggests that the Universe is one Mind of which we are parts, and that within each one of us the whole is to be found. Through our psychic awareness we connect directly with that whole, and this gives us a new understanding into the fairy lore, our mythic roots in which dwell our demons and gods.

Serena Roney – Dougal did a PhD thesis in Parapsychology at Surrey University, and is the author of “Where Science and Magic Meet” and “The Faery Faith.” She has spent over 40 years studying and experiencing scientific, magical and spiritual aspects of the psyche, and has lectured and taught courses, seminars and workshops in America, Japan, Europe and India. She has just completed a research programme into the relationship between meditation and psychic awareness with Yogis and with Tibetan monks in India; followed by research into the geomagnetic field and psychic awareness with Tibetan Buddhist meditators at Samye Ling in Scotland. Serena lives in Glastonbury.