Kelly Peacey – Workshop for GSD members only £15

Date: 7th April 2018

Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Location: Queux Patio Plant Centre


Kelly Peacey – Workshop

Saturday 7th April – Queue Plant Centre (parking at Beaucamp School)

Timings:  10.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.  (with a short lunch/snack break so please remember to bring something along with you)

Only open to GSD Members cost of workshop £15.00

If you wish to apply for membership then forms are available (yearly fee £25)


Workshop:- Applying the Hermetic Principles using crystal healing

Moving on from the talk on the hidden forces behind creation it’s time to look a little deeper…

Kelly Peacey offers a practical application of these hermetic principles in utilizing a crystal grid and making a crystal elixir.  Potentially these two encourage you to shift your mental state to a beneficial and healing state that can help with all challenges of life i.e. dealing with difficult relationships, self-worth issues, fears over career and health.  Crystals assist by crystallizing the patterns you wish to create.

Understand and apply the following:

You are the Creator -Becoming a master of your thoughts

You are the Source – Becoming a master of your emotions/feelings

You are the Creation – Becoming a master of the physical realm